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Our Process

We take you from initial needs assessment to stakeholder collaboration, offering a clear roadmap and a satisfying process, resulting in a video that meets your objectives—on time, within budget, and with confidence. Importantly, we make the experience enjoyable, ensuring you'll want to work with us again.

Pre Production

Pre-production is a crucial stage in any video project, and at Delarosa Directed, we take it very seriously. We work closely with our clients to cover all aspects, including scheduling, rapport-building, expectations, and deliverables. Our exceptional pre-production services are a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality and successful video projects.


Video shoots vary in size, from solo camera operators to extensive crews encompassing lighting experts, audio professionals, makeup artists, and more. At DelaRosa Directed, we tailor our crew to suit your project's requirements, maintaining efficiency while ensuring quality. Typically, we work with a compact two or three-person crew for standard jobs.

Post Production

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Our Services

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